Shirui New Material, Material Determines Future
With 25 years of professional composite materials manufacturing experiences, Shirui always persists in quality, only uses top quality materials, to meet the customers’ demands all over the world from each process of design, development, manufacturing, inspection and management.
Each product is manufactured according to strict technical specifications,
We pursue meeting the customer demands from design, development, production, testing, management and other aspects.
Our products have been successfully applied in chemical plants, offshore wind mills, rail transits, municipal constructions, power facilities and other industries and projects around the world, benefits from the close contact with customers in various industries and internal R&D and testing for more than 20 years, we can provide you a better and more comprehensive solution.
We are not only just selling products, also building partnerships with our customers to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction and more communications & feedback,
Customers’success is our value!
Qualification Honor
As an innovative and responsible company, we always commit to carry out open, transparent and continuous quality management. Shirui's quality management system is the first in the industry to pass ISO9001:2015 certification. It has been widely used in chemical light industry, power electronics, municipal constructions, and other fields. SIEGRID® ️series products have been successfully used not only in many domestic important projects such as Olympic venues, also exported to more than ten countries such as Germany, Netherland, UK, USA, and Asia-Pacific countries.
As an leader in this industry in experience and technology, Shirui has been committed to the continuous research and development of new products for 25 years, meanwhile, we have also continuously improved existing products. Shirui now has 5 invention patents and more than 20 utility patents. Shirui insists to provide first-class quality, excellent performance, cost-effective and reliable products to clients.
What Is Frp ?
FRP is the common expression of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (Polymer).
It uses glass fiber (including glass cloth, mat and other products) as reinforcing "ribs", and uses synthetic resin as matrix and bonding material, molded with resin-based fiber-reinforced material by a certain process.
Various materials complement each other in terms of performance creating a synergistic effect, so that the comprehensive performance of composite materials can meet various demands.
Why Choose Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Instead Of Steel ?
More design, Imagination, create infinities, Better corrosion resistant, longer and newer
Higher Strength, light, but strong and flexible, Easier assemble, fast, superior to others
  • Lighter but stronger
    FRP is 70% lighter than steel, with superb weight ratio.
    FRP grating can even be strong enough to withstand vehicle loads while weight is less than steel grating.
  • Anti corrosion, free maintenance.
    It’s different to metal and wood, FRP products would not get rusted or corrode and will continue to maintain entire structural integrity and longer life.
  • Insulation, NON Magnetic
    FRP materials determine it’s properties of insulation and non-magnetic, thus reduces the safety risks by electricity shocks, and can be used in some sensitive equipment.
  • Better economic benefits
    FRP is Lightweight and endurable. It’s much easier and convenient to transport and install than steel, and no need maintenance in the future, which saves a lot of money.
Marketing & Applications
Resin-based fiber reinforced composite grating and profiles are more versatile than you might imagine.
Chemical plants, offshore wind mills, rail transit, power electronics, municipal facilities, civil construction and other industries and fields of platform walkways, trench covers, curtain wall decoration, fence shelves …… Excellent performance and flexible applications of gratings and profiles.
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