Build an industry-academia-research exchange platform to promote the development of pultrusion industry

Source: Author:Shirui Time:2018/04/25 16:00

On April 18-19, 2018, the "Third Forum on the Development of Manufacturing and Application Technology of Composite Pultruded Profiles and Seminar on Structural Technical Specifications of FRP Profiles" was successfully held in Nantong, Jiangsu Province.
The forum was hosted by FRP Branch of China Silicate Society, and co-organized by AOC Jinling Aliancys Resin Co(DSM), Nantong Shirui Reinforced Plastic Products Co. Shanghai Huntsman Polyurethane Co.
Nearly 200 representatives from the industry, academia, research and application of composite pultruded profiles from China and abroad attended the meeting, taking the application design specification of composite pultruded profiles as the entry point, and performed a lively exchange and discussion on the pultruded manufacturing of FRP profiles, application technology and FRP environmental management technology.

The opening ceremony of the conference was addressed by Nantong Shirui GM Chen Ningjun
Twelve experts from universities, design institutes and enterprises engaged in research, design and technology development of pultrusion industry provided wonderful reports to the conference.

Professor Feng Peng from Tsinghua University
Report on "Technical regulations of pultruded profile structure of fiber reinforced composites"
Dr. Andreas Horbach, Technical Manager of AOC Resins Group
Report on "Market analysis of the pultrusion industry in Europe and the USA and the development outlook for the next five years".

Dan Xiaodong, Environmental Engineer, National Environmental Protection Engineering Center for VOC Pollution Control in Petroleum and Petrochemical Industry
Report on "Analysis of waste gas and treatment process in FRP industry".
Zhou Xiaodong, East China University of Science and Technology
Pultrusion molding technology of continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites
Prof. Wang Jun, Wuhan University of Science and Technology
Report on "Pultrusion core rod preparation technology for Φ50 basalt"
Prof. Qi-Lin Zhao, Nanjing University of Technology
Report on "Problems and countermeasures of composite high load-bearing truss structure application"
Zhang Jian, Manager of Engineering in Nantong Shirui.
Report on "Application of Pultruded Profiles in FRP Structures".
Dow Chemical, Ms. Beilei Wang, Engineer
The report title is "Dow Chemical polyurethane composite technology".
Qiu Maoshun, Chief Engineer, Jiangsu Hengshen.
The report content is: "Carbon fiber pultrusion molding process and its application".
Wu Feng, Engineer, State Grid Wuhan Nanrui Co.
The report content is: "Modified polyurethane pultrusion crossarm process and application research"
Service Engineer, Dow Chemical Polyurethane Coextrusion Technology, Dow Chemical Polyurethane Coextrusion Technology, AOC Resins China, Zhang Xufang
The report is about "Application of high performance vinylester resin in pultrusion industry".
Senior Engineer Zhang Weijun, Beijing FRP Institute Composites Co.
Report on "Application of Pultruded Profiles in Structural Engineering".
Group visit to Nantong Shirui.