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SMC/BMC Products
SMC is sheet molding compound, the main raw material consists of SMC special yarn, unsaturated resin, low shrinkage additives, fillers and various additives.
BMC (DMC) is unsaturated polyester bulk molding compound, the main raw material consists of chopped glassfiber, unsaturated resin, filler and various additives by fully mixed into a bulk prepreg.
The SMC/BMC products made by heating and pressurizing the quantitative SMC/BMC material into the metal pair mold have excellent electrical properties, heat resistance and chemical resistance.
SMC/BMC products such as Ø36,Ø50 series round tube connectors, 50 square tube connectors and corner support series provide sufficient possibilities for the connecting combination of various profiles.
SMC molded FRP cable support, has the advantages of insulation, corrosion resistance, bending and torsion resistance performance, suitable for cable support in cable trench especially in harsh environment such as moisture.