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Rail Systems
FRP Rail system is a combination of pultruded profile as the main material and FRP fittings, which has the advantages of corrosion resistance, impact resistance, bright color, free paint, easy installation, etc.
FRP electric fence is made of pultruded FRP square tube with beams, square tube, angle, base and molded FRP grating combined by stainless steel fasteners. FRP electric fence has the advantages of anti-magnetic field, insulation, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, high strength, etc.

Type Height(mm) Span(mm) Components(Handrail—Rung-Post)
SRWL-U 1100 1000 U handrail 76×60-Round tube 50-Square tube 60×60
SRWL-F 1100 1000 Square tube 50×50-Square tube 50×50-Square tube 50×50
SRWL-01 1100 1500 Round tube 50-Round tube 50-Round tube 50
SRWL-02 1100 1000 Round tube 36-Round tube 36-Round tube 36
SRWL-03 1100 1000 Round tube 36-Round rod 16-Round tube 36

Kickplate at bottom is available upon request.
FRP fittings
  • Cross
  • Base
  • Tee
  • Extension
  • Elbow
  • Corner Support