Rail Transit

Rail Transit
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Safety is the top priority in rail construction!
The FRP gratings produced by Shirui have been fully professionally accredited by the railway authorities, with the advantages of high strength, R13 level anti-slip, eye-catching signal yellow, insulated without grounding, etc., ensuring the safety of employees and passengers, especially in bad weather conditions, which is why FRP grating is the first choice for rail station entrances and working platform walkways.
Light weight and high strength, durable and easy to assemble
The application of resin-based fiber-reinforced composites in bridge construction has great potential. The method of prefabrication at the factory allows for rapid assembly and installation on site, which is particularly important in emergency rescue and in mountainous gorges where on-site working conditions are not available.
"And Bridge" "Wooden Bridge"
FRP pultruded profile I457 is the main load bearing beam, FRP grating clad patterned plate is the bridge deck plate, all FRP structural railing, the small bridge as a whole are beam-based all FRP structure.
12.7M span composite truss bridge structure
It adopts pultruded channel 150 as the main girder, square tube 100 and flat steel 100 as the truss, and FRP grating laminated pattern plate as the bridge deck plate, which is wear-resistant, light weight and high load-bearing. The bridge length is 12.7m, width is 2.4m, height is 1.4m, and the load is 10T. The composite truss bridge is corrosion resistant, weather resistant, light weight, quick installation, and the service life is over 25 years.